The fourth annual Farm & Table Chefs Taste Challenge (CTC), September 7, 2018, is a fun, fresh take on a food competition aimed at broadening awareness for the use of healthy, sustainable ingredients in preparing food. Furthermore, this event will provide a platform to highlight some of the best farm to table chefs across the Gulf Coast.

Concept: A select number of chefs from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast will be chosen to prepare a dinner entrée tasting course for approximately 500 guests. The dinner is a competition judged by a panel of culinary experts and attendees will be asked to vote for their favorite dish. The chefs will be able to select their ingredients from a list of items that are fresh and in-season in areas across the country. (Any funds raised will support the Farm & Table Experience.)

Ingredients: We are soliciting pledges from state agriculture departments to donate products from their regions for this special dinner campaign. We would need enough food to accommodate 500 entrée tasting portions. Farm & Table Chefs Taste Challenge will highlight the donated products and their origins on signage, menu information, and public announcements onsite by the emcee, chefs, and/or your representative.

More Info:

Contact F&T Director, Katie A. Calabrese, CMP at:
900 Convention Center Blvd. New Orleans, LA 70130 504-582-3072