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On August 15, a live “Ingredient Draft” was held. All of the chefs joined in via conference call, then each chef drew a number that determined the order in which they would pick their protein. For example, Evelyn Garcia drew the number 1, so she was the first to select her protein (shrimp) from the list of ingredients. For Round 2, the order was reversed. Ulfet Ralph, who picked #10 in Round 1, had first choice of vegetables. Here’s a sneak peek at our menu for what’s to come on September 8th! 

Chef Alex Belew: Fish (Louisiana) & Galangal (Hawaii)

Chef Robert Butts: Octopus (Louisiana) & Mayhaw Jelly (Louisiana)

Chef Kaimana Chee: Whole Pig (Louisiana) & Breadfruit (Hawaii)

Chef Jacob Cureton: Smoked Eel (Louisiana) & Okra (Louisiana)

Chef Eric Fulkerson: Turtle (Louisiana) & Hatch NM Chile Peppers (New Mexico)

Chef Evelyn Garcia: Shrimp (Louisiana) & Pecans (New Mexico)

Chef Alex Harrell: Chicken Thighs (Louisiana) & Pink-eyed Pea (Louisiana)

Chef Blake Jackson: Oysters (Louisiana) & Asiago cheese (South Dakota) 

Chef Ulfet Ralph: Grass Fed – Ground Beef (Louisiana) & Eggplant (Louisiana)

Chef James Versfelt: Short Rib (Louisiana) & Stone Ground Blue Corn (New Mexico)